15 Minute Back Program Reviews: Easy Deal With Back Pain

15 Minute
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Every day, more people are diagnosed with different back ailments. But that doesn’t describe why they’re in pain. It simply identifies which tissue is irritated. The 15 Minute Back focuses on resolving the systemic sources of back pain. It is based on Rick Olderman’s successful treatment of 1000’s of patients since 1996.

15 Minute Back is a program from Rhythmic Health. We partner with expert practitioners to deliver simple programs that help people solve their health challenges, then lead ever more fulfilling lives.

15 Minute Routines

Each day, follow the simple video routine. Every video includes modifications. All movements are designed to feel good–now and later.

Verifiable Improvement

Each week, confirm your improvement using our simple assessment tool. It’s based on the scientifically-accepted Pain Disability Index and takes just 2 minutes.

Long Term Results

When you’re ready, use the coaching videos to address important lifestyle and environmental contributors to back pain. This helps the improvements last long-term. Read About Cerisea Medica

About Rick

ABOUT THE AUTHOR of 15 Minute Back


Rick graduated from physical therapy school in 1996. After failing to help his patients adequately, he realized that standard physical therapy education left him unprepared to truly help people with chronic pain or nagging injuries. As a result, Rick dedicated his life to developing his pioneering approach.

One of the driving forces behind Rick’s search for answers was his own chronic back pain, which began before he attended school. Not finding the answers in PT school, Pilates, personal training or yoga, Rick realized a fundamental element connecting movement, structure and pain was missing from most disciplines. He has dedicated these past two decades to unraveling the secrets about how the body works to create and eliminate pain. He has distilled his discoveries down to a very simple system anyone can follow.

The key to his program is a deep understanding of how poor movement habits break down muscles, tendons, ligaments and bone to create pain. Fixing these systemic sources of pain relieves excessive pressure on the tissues, so they can heal and restore pain-free movement.


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